Shang Chi Star Teases Her Character's Unexplored Past

Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings released worldwide on September 3rd this year. The movie has been directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The movie follows Shang Chi (played by Simu Liu), son of the legendary literary villain Fu Manchu. Learning the truth about his dad’s business, Shang Chi uses his martial arts prowess against his father. Previous trailers had teased the appearance of some major Marvel characters, the likes of the Iron Fist, Abomination (from the Incredible Hulk movie), and the sorcerer Wong, to name a few. It is the 25th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is a part of its phase 4.

Shang chi Jiang Li

Shang Chi: The Legend Of The Ten Rings had plenty of great characters, and Jiang Li (played by Fala Chen) is one of them. Jiang Li is the mother of the titular hero Shang Chi, and the wife of Wenwu, who goes on to become the movie’s main antagonist. She is however killed during the movie, thus effectively wrapping up her story in the MCU. Fala Chen, however, believes that the character has much more to offer in terms of her past and backstory. Read on to find out more.

Chen’s character Jiang Li is the protector of the mystical realm of Ta Lo, where she happens to meet the mercenary leader of the Ten Rings, Wenwu in 1996. He is however beaten back by Jiang Li and her superior abilities. Won over by the powerful and playful warrior, Wenwu continues returning, until the two fall in love with each other, and Jiang Li leaves Ta Lo in order to marry him. Wenwu subsequentlygives up his warlord lifestyle when his kids are born, but Jiang Li's murder propels him back, eventually leading to Shang-Chi running away.

Although Jiang Li is no longer alive, Fala Chen states that her past can be explored in an effective manner, even though it is somewhat secretive at the moment. When asked about Jiang Li’s time in the mythical Ta Lo before Shang-Chi's father, Wenwu, enters the picture, Chen states, 

“I wish I could tell you more about it, but I don’t think I’m allowed to, but what I can tell you is that she definitely is from Ta Lo, and she’s spent her entire life in Ta Lo prior to meeting Wenwu, and she is a fierce warrior, the protector of the village and the realm, and she… I feel like she… I can’t say that. I cannot tell you too much about it… But she’s also special... She’s a fierce fighter. And you got a glimpse of that, but I think she has more power than what you’ve seen so far," Chen continued. "That’s all I can say."" She further adds that she would certainly return to play the character, saying, 

“I hope so. I genuinely would love to," 

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