Seinfeld to stream on Netflix from October 1

Get ready for the new show, well not actually but never seen before. 

You heard it right. Netflix has recently bought the copyrights for SEINFELD - the most popular comedy show for next 5 years and will be streaming it on its platform from 1st October onwards.

Seinfeld to stream on Netflix from October 1

Netflix will be streaming all 180 episodes i.e all 9 seasons. After hulu, Netflix originals is the only platform to purchase the streaming rights for this outrageous and hilarious yet wittiest show. 

The show is one of the most famous, owing multiple awards, including The Emmys and Golden Globes, and has also been one of the longest-running comedy series of all time.

Seinfield has been created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

The show has a stupendous cast of actors which include Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis – Dreyfus, Larry David, Michael Richards, Wayne Knight, Jerry Stiller, Patrick Warburton, Heidi Swedberg among others.

So, the audience might not leave their tv and mobile screens for next few months because netflix has made out a way to make them stick to their screens by deciding to stream all 9 seasons, that is all 180 episodes at once so that viewers get to watch this wittiest and hilarious show of its time without any interference or waiting.

SEINFELD to stream on Netflix Originals from 1st October onwards with all its 9 seasons i.e 180 episodes. A complete package of laughter, jokes, and comedy. 

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