Nakaab (MX Player): Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Nakaab is an upcoming crime thriller film directed by Saumik Sen starring Esha Gupta, Malaika Sherawat and Gautam Rode in leading roles . It's all set to stream on MX PLAYER from 15th September along with all its episodes, all at once.

Trailer for the same has already been revealed and from the trailer, the film looks nothing but a murder yet suicide case caught in the web of of crime, suspense, mysteries and much more.

nakaab review

Nakaab Highlights

Movie name


Release date

15th september, 2021


Murder - mystery, crime, suspense

Starring actors 

Gautam Rode, Esha gupta, Malaika sherawat

Platforms to be released on

Mx Player

Directed by

Saumik Sen

Nakaab Plot

It is a mystery thriller film. It is still unknown whether it is an accident, suicide, or murder. It has been directed by Soumik Sen. It depicts the story of sub-inspector Aditi Amre who is leading the death of the high profile actress Vibha Dutta and that case further leads to opening of many truths and revelations, shocking the whole city beyond words.

It is unknown whether it is murder or suicide. Aditi Amre is seen as a bold, confident yet doubtful DCP caught in a web of lies, games and misconceptions desperate to get hold of real culprit. In this effort of her, she is constantly challenged by Malaika sherawat, playing a well established actress, constant trying to halt the investigation and trying to keeps secrets which can be a lead to important revelations in the murder mystery. Gautam rode is seen supporting Esha gupta, he himself being a Police officer , trying to understand the mystery and game of lies they are both caught in.

Evidence are twisted, witnesses are hostile and investigation is messed up, with one high profile celebrity committing suicide, Nakaab is a story of dual faced people who on one hand trigger such crimes and on other, moves freely due to their influence and their kinship in the industry.

MX PLayer is a platform where every series, every movie being streamed is full of content, a hidden hypocrisy in the system and a dark side of reality which do exists but we continue to neglect it. Yet another presentation on MX Player can set another notch for the audience, thus revealing some more secrets about the world of fame, and popularity.

To uncover the Nakaab wore by celebrities in the midst of work, fame and popularity, do watch Nakaab directed by Saumik sen starring Esha Gupta and Gautam Rode in leading roles, all set to stream on MX Player from 15th september, onwards.

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