Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai is an emotional comedy drama film starring Jassie gill and Surbhi jyoti in leading roles directed by Ssaurabh Tyagi. 

In this zee5 original film, Sintoo, a dejected lover, pens down his feelings on a currency note which goes viral and causes a chain of hilarious events. His overcoming of heartbreak and struggle to find the closure is what forms the rest of the story. Film is all set to release on 10th september only on zee5.

Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai Release Date

Movie name

Kya meri sonam gupta bewafa hai?

Release date

10th september 


Emotional, comedy drama

Starring Actors

Jassie Gill, Surbhi jyoti, Vijay raaz

Platforms to be released on

Zee5 studios

Directed by

Ssaurabh Tyagi

Trailer for the movie has already been released by its makers on social handle which was further shared by starring actors. From the trailer, storyline of the movie is quite clear. Its a love story caught in situations and hilarious events ultimately giving it a social identification.

Crux of the movie is the Sonam Gupta currency which got viral and became a meme material for the memers and the story behind it as it was a result of heartbreak and betrayal. Hilarious circumstances, one liners and comedy timings are at its best and will eventually make the viewers to go through an emotional roller coaster ride during the movie. 

Along with Jassie gill, surbhi jyoti, vijay raaz and other stars are seen gracing the story with their performance and timings. 

Surbhi jyoti is seen completely embracing the role Sonam Gupta, a outgoing, bold and mischievous girl caught in a love relationship with Sintoo, (played by Jassie gill) a sweet, loving boy desperate to get married. Their love relationship soons become target of situations, circumstances and other characters in the movie and what happens next is what forms the plot of movie.

Sometimes, what we think a situation is, it is not and the person whom we misunderstand, actually comes out to be the victim of same. To solve this misunderstanding, kya meri sonam gupta is a must watch offering emotional, comedy ride for its audience.

To know that was really Sonam gupta a bewafa, do watch Kya meri sonam gupta bewafa hai? Only on zee5 studios from 10th september onwards. 

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