Google Pixel 3 phones are randomly bricking, and the list is increasing

An increasing number of customers are reporting that their Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL handsets have been bricked without notice, and the problem is spreading. It's also not a totally new issue. The bricking appears to have started months ago, but it's only now that it's gaining traction. Worse, Google has yet to provide a solution to the problem, and the majority of these devices are now out of warranty.

google pixel 3

Users in support forums, Reddit, and other social channels are sharing stories about how their faithful Pixel 3s were bricked overnight with no notice. The devices enter Qualcomm Emergency Download Mode (EDL), which prevents you from installing a fresh ROM and prevents access to the bootloader.

Some assume that one of the security upgrades is to blame, while others feel that a hardware defect is to blame, similar to LG's previous boot looping issue. In any case, without an official announcement from Google, it's anyone's guess what's bricking these phones.

This article is written by Sunil.

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