Dhamaka Movie: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Dhamaka is an upcoming crime based thriller film starring Kartik Aryan as a journalist, and Mrunal thakur as his wife in leading roles. It is directed by Ram Madhvani and is produced by RSVP, and Ram Madhavi films. The film will have a direct ottp release on Netflix and is currently in post production stage. 

Dhamaka Movie Release Date

Dhamaka Movie Highlights

Movie name


Release date

Yet to be announced


Crime based thriller 

Starring Actors

Kartik Aryan, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta shubhash

Platforms to be released on

Netflix originals

Directed by

Ram Madhvani

In Dhamaka, for the first time Kartik Aryan will be seen in a tough, serious yet intense role portraying a character of a Journalist who long time back has left his job but now is on the edge to get his lost job, lost respect back with golden opportunity which came knocking at his door. 

Kartik completed his schedule for Dhamaka in just 10 days. Kartik reportedly underwent a three-week schedule before he began shooting for the film. Dhamaka is a Hindi remake of the 2013 South Korean film titled The Terror Live.

Kartik plays the star reporter called Arjun Pathak of a news channel named Bharosa 24 negotiating with a terrorist to save the city from attack. Dhamaka is supposed to be a game changer for kartik aryan because he is playing a complete different role in his carrier and it will be interesting to see him in such a serious and intense role. Mrunal thakur will be seen supporting in his lows. Kartik and Mrunal’s fresh pairing is expected to bring a new chemistry on screen and netflix is expected to release the movie soon on its platform.

DHAMAKA soon bursting your tv screens with suspense, crime and thrill by Ram Madhvani starring Kartik Aryan and Mrunal Thakur. 

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