Zombies In Marvel's What If….?

Marvel’s latest phase four project What If….? is set to premiere soon. The series will answer some of the craziest questions regarding multiverses and the existence of different timelines. There will be many alternate realities that are going to be explored, and it is certain that each one will be a different take on some of the famous storylines in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comics. To sum it up, “What If...?” will focus on untold stories in which the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe experience different fates and storylines than they normally faced. It will be released on Disney+hotstar and will be available for streaming August 11th onwards.

marvel what if zombie

One of the major talking points about the series was the appearance of popular Marvel characters as zombies in both the trailers that have been released so far. In both the trailers, Captain America as well as Iron Man are seen to have been turned into zombies, even fighting some of the other heroes. They seem to have been affected by some sort of virus, that has also infected the other heroes.

Zombies In What if...?

As mentioned above, the heroes are infected by a mysterious virus that turns the infected person into depraved undead hordes, craving flesh and willing to kill anyone or anything in the way of their hunger. And from the looks of it, heroes are not the only ones being infected as we can see that the villains are not safe from it either. The series will be adapting Marvel Zombies, a limited comic series consisting of five issues, written by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman with art by Sean Phillips and cover art by Arthur Suydam. The comic series saw an alternate universe that depicted a virus infecting superheroes. The idea originally came from a crossover event in Ultimate Fantastic Four, in which Reed Richards is tricked into opening a portal to the undead universe by his zombie variant.

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Captain America and Iron Man as Zombies

In the latest poster for Marvel's What If...?, an undead Iron Man and Captain America lead a zombie apocalypse through the streets of New York. The poster was released by Marvel Studios’ official Twitter page, along with the caption.

"Get ready, here's the next piece in a series of posters inspired by Marvel Studios' [What If...?]. The Original Series starts streaming August 11 on Disney Plus."

The poster shows a bleak picture, with New York City seemingly decimated and deserted aside from a horde of zombies lurking in the darkness. A broken version of the Avengers logo dominates the scene, and on one side of it, there's a zombie clearly recognizable as an undead Captain America. On the other side, Iron Man stands, his missing mask shows that he too is undead. The poster was originally created by Chris Christodoulou.

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