What Hugh Jackman said on Wolverine Returning in MCU?

The Wolverine is one of the most popular and beloved characters to exist in the Marvel Universe. In spite of his gruff personality, the character has managed to garner the admiration and respect of both the fans and his peers in the comics. He is synonymous with the X-Men, Charles Xavier’s team of mutants charged with the mission of protecting a world that hates and fears them for their unusual appearances and abilities. Having appeared in nearly every issue of the X-Men ever since making his first appearance in the final teaser panel of the October 1974 issue of The Incredible Hulk #180 written by Wein and penciled by Herb Trimpe; the Wolverine has become a staple in the X-Men comics, eventually becoming a part of the Avengers as well.


With such a popular character, it is obvious you will have to introduce him to the big screen. And thus, Wolverine made his debut in the 2000's X-Men adaptation. The character was played by Hugh Jackman, who would go on to appear in both the sequels X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. Jackman would quickly become synonymous with the role, with Logan becoming a staple of the long-running X-Men franchise. His popularity would lead to him starring in three standalone Wolverine films, X-Men Origins: Wolverine ,The Wolverine and Logan. He would also play the character in X-Men: Days of Future Past, before going on to Logan which would be the last time that he plays the character. Logan aka The Wolverine would end up dying in the movie, in what was considered to be one of his best acting performances. In a recent interview, Jackman was asked about the possibility of Wolverine making a return to the MCU. Read on to find out what he said.

Hugh Jackman Response on MCU Wolverine Return

hugh jackman as wolverine

As mentioned above, Logan would be the last time Wolverine was played by Jackman, with the character dying in what was the adaptation of the Old Man Logan comics arc and arguably the most beloved of the X-Men films. This would seemingly signal the end of the character, but now it looks like that might not necessarily be the case. In an interview with SR promoting his upcoming film Reminiscence, Jackman was asked about whether or not he would return to the role of Wolverine in the MCU. Ultimately, the actor says that the role is in his past.


In the answer to the question, Jackman stated how grateful he is for the role of Wolverine, looking at his relationship with Marvel president Kevin Feige to be indicative of how impactful the character has been on his life. Finally, he says that while Wolverine was "the role of a lifetime," that chapter is seemingly closed. This is what Jackman said,

“It’s in my past, man. Don’t tell anyone, alright? Let me just say one more thing. Because as I said that, there’s not a day goes by where I’m not unbelievably grateful for having been part of that MCU Universe. Particularly to be there at the beginning of it, and to watch it. To see Kevin Feige going from being an assistant to a producer and a mate of mine, to where he is today. And that was a role of a lifetime.

So, I don’t ever want people to feel that when I say I’m done, it’s a glib thing. It was one of the great chapters of my life.”

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