Vivo on Netflix is a Quirky Musical Drama Loaded with fun and adventure

Vivo is an animated comedy film by Sony Pictures animation released theatrically on July 30, 2021, and over the OTT platform Netflix on August 6, 2021. As Sony Pictures' first musical film, the film has started attracting audiences and critics for its music and animation skills since its release.

  • Run time: 99 minutes
  • Direction and Screenplay: Kirk DeMicco
  • Music: Alex Lacamoire

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Voice Cast 

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo
  • Ynairaly Simo as Gabi Hernández
  • Juan de Marcos González as Andrés Hernández
  • Gloria Estefan as Marta Sandoval

Vivo Plot synopsis:

Vivo is a rare kinkajou ( a mammal related to raccoons) who plays music at Havana square with its owner Andres Hernandez. Though Vivo and Andres are different in every aspect, they share a common passion and interest in music. Andres has a crush on a legendary singer Marta Sandoval who also happens to be his old friend and partner. 

One day, to his surprise, he receives a letter from Marta inviting him to her farewell concert in Miami. But unfortunately, he dies before he could even meet her.

Now it is the turn of Vivo to make it up to his master. He takes the help of his master's grandniece Gavi Hernandez to convey his master's love towards Marta through a song written by Andres long ago. 

Vivo Review:

This film makes us fall in love with the character Vivo. His dedication to fulfilling his master's wishes is worth appreciating. His adventurous journey from Havana to Miami is charming and lively. The movie is targeted towards kids, so it may not catch the eye of adults. However, the music can be appealing for all, irrespective of their age. So, I would say the music is the best part of the film as the songs are very imaginative and authentic with a spark of romance.

Unlike many other animated films primarily targeted at kids, this film offers a musical treat to everyone. Especially if you are a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda, his voice (voiceover for Vivo) will make you cheerful throughout the film.

On the last note, the film Vivo is a quirky musical drama loaded with fun and adventure. The storyline may or may not interest everyone, but the music indeed does.

Rating: 2.5/5

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