Suicide Squad 2 End Credit Scenes Explained

Suicide Squad 2 will release in the theatres on hit the theatres on August 5, following which it will be streamed on HBO max for a month. However, it was released in the United Kingdom on July 30. The movie is acclaimed for Gunn's direction, visual effects, and sassy humor. The film is known to have two post-credit scenes.

Post credits scene 1

Sean, the weasel

This scene comes right after the end card and offers a surprising revival of one of the members of the squad murdered earlier in the film. Sean, the weasel, appeared to have drowned in the opening scenes right before the mission even started. But in the end credit scene, it was shown waking up on the dark beach (where its other teammates were killed) and scurrying into the dark. This scene hints that the weasel is alive after all.

Post credits scene 2

It is a mid-credit scene that occurs in between the credits and reveals one more important resurrection of the members of Task Force X. During the proceedings of the main film, Johncena's peacemaker is shown as a wretch by turning on his teammates to prevent the release of the dangerous US government files. He was shot in the neck by Idris Elba's Bloodsport and succumbed to death from his wounds, or at least it was shown so.

suicide squad end credit scene

However, the second end-credits scene reveals him fighting for his life in a secure hospital. The doctor tells the handlers of the task force that he might need some surgery but will be in action soon and asks them what they need him for. The task force handlers reply that they need him to save the world. 

This scene is essential to the peacemaker spin-off series also made by director Gunn. Although no information regarding its release is out yet, one thing is for sure that the audience will be seeing more of his character.

Ensure you don't leave the hall right after the movie ends to experience these little surprises in the post credits.

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