Scam 2003: Cast, Release Date, Plot, Everything We Know

Scam 2003 is an upcoming web series on sony liv featuring the story of Abdul Karim Telgi, who earned a fortune by printing fake stamp paper. This scam based series is directed by Hansal Mehta, the director of superhit Scam 1992. It is expected to be released in the first month of 2022 or by the end of 2021. It is produced by Applause entertainment . The makers have roped in writer Kiran yadnyopavit for giving shape and plot to the scam 2003.

Scam 2003 Highlights

Film name

Scam 2003- the curious case of Karim telgi

Release date

Yet to be announced 


Crime, thriller drama

Starring Actors

actors yet to be announced

Produced by

Applause entertainment 

Platforms to be released on

Sony Liv

Directed by

Hansal mehta

Scam 2003 Review

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Sameer Nair, CEO, Applause Entertainment, who will bankroll the web show, added that Scam 1992 helped them establish a solid ground for the ‘Scam’ franchise. And now the team aims at telling stories about the various scams that the country witnessed over the years. “The success of Scam 1992 endorsed our belief about the audiences’ interest in such stories. We are extremely thrilled to announce “The Telgi Story” as the next season. There is some great potential we see in this story and are absolutely delighted to partner once again with StudioNEXT, SonyLIV and Hansal Mehta in taking forward this franchise,” added Nair.

Who was Abdul Karim Telgi? What will be shown about him in the series?

Born in a small town in Karnataka, Telgi was born to government employees who worked with the Indian Railways. After the death of his father, Telgi took up odd jobs and eventually moved to Saudi Arabia.

On his return, he tried his hand at the counterfeit business and initially limited his business to making fake passports. With a shortage of stamps and stamp papers to carry out various legal paperwork, Telgi found an opportunity and focused on making fake stamp papers.

First case was filed against Telgi in 1991 and then in 1995, but never probed. His golden run came to an end in 2001 as he was arrested by the Karnataka Police.

Scams are not the result of scammers but the result of loopholes prevailing parallelly in a system which are overlooked by the operators and are overused by the scammers. After the 1992 scam, banking regulations were quite toughened but however stamping methods and regulations were not that much paid attention to which was used by Karim Telgi for his own fit and fortune. 

Scam 2003 will show the mind and strategy of such a person who used his mind in using such shortcomings for his own benefit. Mind if used in the right direction can give you everything but if used wrongly, can take everything from you and the same will be shown closely in the upcoming series scam 2003. It's easy to use such loopholes in one's own favour but when ought to get caught consequences are often dangerous. There is a loss of wealth, reputation, family and life to an extent. Scam 2003 was another one of the biggest scams of century committed by Karim Telgi and which as a result brought the amendments in stamping laws. 

Nation will soon witness an another scam which shook the entire nation with the biggest slowdown to the country's economy.

SCAM 2003 coming soon on Sony liv under the direction of Hansal Mehta. 

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