Netflix Codes: Surfing made easy with Codes

Are you done watching a show and worried about what to watch next? To make it easier, Netflix provides you a list of shows or films that you might be interested in based on your prior activity. But not all the times you are satisfied with the never-ending list of suggestions. There are still series out there that might interest you better. So, is there any trick to finding out your favorite show?

The list of movies and shows on Netflix keeps on growing every day, and there is lots of content to choose from. There is no perfect algorithm to suggest the excellent show that you will love for sure. Netflix has an algorithm that can only recommend those similar to what you have watched before, while the other shows or films remain undiscovered.

Like any other website, Netflix also categorizes the content into genres and subgenres by assigning a specific code for each one of them. For example, the category thrillers are again subdivided into classic, spy, supernatural, mystery, action, sci-fi thrillers, etc.

netflix codes

All the codes are available on the website When you go to the site, there are almost 20 categories, starting from action and adventure to shows on LGBT. There are also others, such as stand-up comedies and experimental films. Each of these categories is further divided into subgenres with a specific code. You can simply search for your favorite genre and go through the various subgenres available. You can have the list of shows/movies on your screen once you click on the code related to your favorite genre.

However, you can only use these codes on websites, not on apps. People who want to watch their favorite show on the app can follow the same procedure. Upon clicking on the code related to your favorite genre, it redirects to the Netflix website, where you can take a note of the show you want to watch and search for the same in the app.

With this trick, you can always watch whatever you want rather than whatever Netflix suggests to you. Discover the hidden gems with ease and make up your time watching them.

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