Mumbai Diaries 26/11: Cast, Release Date, Plot, Story, Everything We Know

Mumbai Diaries is an upcoming web series on Amazon Prime video directed by Nikhil Advani having commendable star cast featuring Mohit Raina, Konkana Sen Sharma, Teena Desai, Satyajeet Dubey. It is all set to release on 9th september only on Amazon prime video as per the official announcement made be Amazon prime on their official social handle. 

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 review

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 tolds the untold story of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and hospital staff who worked tirelessly to save lives during the terror attacks that hit the city on November 26, 2008. 26/11 attacks not only shook the entire nation but also raised a number of questions about the terrorism and national security existing in a city. Number of innocent people lost their lives and number of brave soldiers fought on the front whole night only to safeguard the citizens from such a dangerous terror attack. 

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Highlights




Mumbai Diaries 26/11


Mohit raina, Konkana Sen Sharma, Teena Desai


Nikhil Advani

Date of release

9th september


Fictional Crime based terror attack series 

Platform to be released on

Amazon prime video

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 talks on a whole new level that is the efforts of Hospital staff, Paramedics, nurses and doctors which stand united in such a difficult time just to help the their city get out of such havoc featuring Mohit Raina, Konkana Sen Sharma in lead roles. 

 Tag line for the show reads “when fear strikes, courage unites” which means that when the city faces an emergency crisis, the whole city unites i.e member of every institution doesn't matter it is medical, or army to fight their enemies and help their city come out of it. 

Not only help but also the gathered courage, strength and unity plays an important role in such situations. Their efforts to fight their fears ,to play their part in society and above all to face such killings live. 

Army no doubt was the hero of that night, but apart from army, hospitals, doctors, paramedics, reporters worked selflessly whole night just to make sure their city could receive the deserving support and courage to fight those terrorist who broke into taj hotel to kill people and to hold citizens as hostage. 

Mumbai diaries tells the story of such people who were not in army but played important role which is not less than an army man could play and therefore worked as a team to help the army fight those terrorist with ultimate strength, courage and bravery. 

No Indian can forget to salute those selfless police officers, army man and hotel staff who survived that night fighting their enemies just to protect their land from invaders but no indian can also forget to be grateful to those medical institutions, doctors, emergency services, reporters and paramedics who were in no time available with their services at hand which helped equally the city to fight those terrorist as our hon’ble Indian Forces and Army did.

To watch their journey of courage, unity and fear, watch Mumbai Diaries 26/11 only on Amazon Prime releasing on 9th september.

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