Mi branding will not appear on future Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi splits its goods under various sub-brands to differentiate them from one another, the most prominent of which is "Mi." Now, 10 years after introducing the original Mi smartphone, Xiaomi is set to make a major change: it will no longer use the term "Mi" in its product titles. 

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This branding move began with the firm's newly introduced MIX 4 smartphone, and a company official told XDA that all of the business's forthcoming goods will follow suit.

Xiaomi sells a wide range of smart home, lifestyle, and computing devices, including televisions, laptops, refrigerators, air fryers, smartwatches, scooters, robots, hairdryers, and much more. The Mi brand is now on the majority of these goods, however, this may change with any new products they release.

Now that Xiaomi has surpassed Apple as the most popular smartphone brand in the world, they may believe it is time for buyers to link their devices with the company's name rather than just "Mi." 

The firm appears to already offer smartphones in China sans the word "Mi," thus this decision aligns their worldwide product naming strategy with their Chinese one. But don't get your hopes up that this will clear up any uncertainty regarding the company's product branding by the market because it's still a jumble.

Xiaomi released the following comment via their spokesperson:

“Starting in the third quarter of 2021, Xiaomi's "Mi" product line will be rebranded "Xiaomi." Our worldwide brand presence will be unified as a result of this transformation, and the perceived gap between the brand and its goods will be bridged. It may take some time for this modification to take effect in all locations.

Two different product series will sit beneath the parent brand with the launch of the new brand identity. Xiaomi devices are at the cutting edge of technology and provide a high-end experience. 

Redmi products are geared towards a younger demographic and offer significant innovation at a more affordable price range. Our revised logos reflect this distinction, with both the Xiaomi and Redmi logotypes appearing under the parent brand logo.

The Xiaomi and Redmi product series naming convention will be applied to our ecosystem and IoT goods over time.”

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