Marvel What if..? Episode 1 Clip Out - Steve Rogers also features in New Clip

Marvel recently released the teaser to the first episode of the eagerly awaited What If…? Series, that will answer some of the craziest questions regarding multiverses and the existence of different timelines. There will be many alternate realities that are going to be explored, and it is certain that each one will be a different take on some of the famous storylines in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comics. To sum it up, “What If...?” will focus on untold stories in which the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe experience different fates and storylines than they normally faced. The series will be released on Disney+hotstar and will be available for streaming August 11th onwards.

peggy cartar what if episode 1 review

The first episode of the series will be all about Peggy Carter. To be precise, it will be about Captain Carter (the name assumed by Peggy Carter after being injected with the super soldier serum). It was reported that Captain Carter will be making an appearance in the subsequent episodes as well, as was evident from the two trailers that were released, showing her conversing with Dr. Strange in one and fighting a tentacled monster, who we now know to be Shuma Gorath in another. Read on to find out what the teaser to the first episode was about.


As mentioned above, the first episode will be about Peggy Carter and how she becomes Captain Carter. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and in the comics, it is Steve Rogers who is injected with the super soldier serum, eventually becoming Captain America. However, in the What If…? series, Carter is injected with the serum and thus becomes Captain Carter. Steve Rogers on the other hand, is reportedly a HYDRA stomper, as seen in the new teaser released by Marvel.

steve rogers what if episode 1

The teaser sees Captain Carter engaging in battle along with Dum Dum Dugan and Bucky Barnes, with the three seeming to be attacking a Hydra base, when Carter is seen requesting air support and is informed that “Rogers” is coming in. “Steve?!” she exclaims, followed by Bucky also being surprised at hearing his friend’s name. This is when Steve Rogers shows up in a bulky suit, similar to the classic Iron Man Mach1 armor, and helps them out. However, he is shown to be wearing a HYDRA suit, and is seen destroying the tanks that were attacking Carter and the others. 

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