Does What If...? Episode 1 have Post Credit Scene?

After long wait, Marvel's What if...? Episode 1 is now available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Everybody is searching that whether there is any end credit scene after what if...? Episode 1 or not. Here is everything we know about.

Episode 1 features about what if Steve Rogers was not a super soldier and instead of him Peggy Carter becomes one.

So is there any Post Credit Scene?

Marvel fans are aware that in MCU follows tradition of giving teasers in the end of films. Unfortunately they have not given any Post Credit Scene. Yes we all were waiting for another teaser regarding next episode. 

We also know that they have changes this from the their series whether be it Wanda Vision, FATWS and loki. In all the series there is only one post credit scene in entire series. So we may have only one credit scene. But we can get this possibility that might not be of regular episode. That can also link to the upcoming film also.

We also know that this series is in continuation of phase 4 and this will set up future projects also.

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