Aarya 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, What We Know

Aarya 2 will be a sequel to its season 1 Aarya featuring Sushmita Sen as Aarya, the lead of web series. Series was a comeback as well as digital debut for Sushmita Sen. Series Aarya focused on the drug dealing and business which runs undercover in the name of medicines. 

Aarya depicts the game of deceit when her father gets her husband killed in order to hide his own scam he committed along with her husband. It’s all on Aarya to find the killer of her husband, to protect her kids from the drug mafia, her husband left her in the mess which and to play it safe and lowkey as she is surrounded by enemies in disguise of friends and family. 

Aarya 2 is expected to continue from where Aarya season 1 ended where she receives a threat message from Russian drug mafia for the delivery of their drug consignment worth Rs 300 crore when she just assumed that she is done with everyone and was about to live India with her kids dealing with every pending deal.

Aarya 2 Review

Aarya 2 Highlights






Sushmita sen, Namit das, Ankur bhatia 


Ram Madhvani, Sandeep Modi

Date of release

Not yet announced


Crime, drama

Platform to be released on

Disney+ hotstar 

Aarya 2 Plot

Season 2 is expected to continue where Season 1 ended last year. Storyline, remaining cast hasn't been announced yet but it is expected to take leverage of season 1. 

It is speculated that Shekhawat’s trusted right-hand man Sampath stole the drugs. Probably, Sampath is going to be the next bad guy in season 2. Dimitri and his gang would now be on a hunt for Aarya. Sangram is now out of prison and it will be interesting to know how cleans the mess he has made. Will Aarya finally make it to New Zealand? Will Aarya be able to forgive her brother? How is Aarya going to deal with the Russian drug mafias? Are the Russians going to nab Sampath?

In a recent Instagram live session, Sushmita sen did spill the beans about 2nd season where she mentioned that last schedule is still left, after that 2nd season shall soon arrive on disney+ hotstar. She also mentioned that 2nd season of Aarya will be full of thrill, crime and drama and the audience shall see Sushmita sen as a queen of drug mafia dealing with Russian mafia along with the friends turned enemies. 

Sushmita Sen is expected to be seen in a more courageous and boss role as she will take over her enemies and will manage her kids side by side . 

Viewers can expect a lot of thrill, crime, suspense and drama from the season of Aarya 2. 

Aarya 2 streaming soon on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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