200 Halla Ho (Zee5): Cast, Release Date, Plot, Everything We Know

200 Halla Ho is an upcoming web movie on zee5 directed by Sarthak Dasgupta. The cast includes Barun Sobti, Rinku Rajguru, Amol Parekar, Saloni Batra in crucial roles. Trailer for the same has been released on 5th August on the official social handle of ZEE5 which was further shared by starring actors. From the trailer, it is pretty clear that the movie is straightly about inequality, absurdity, molestation and rapes number of girls are facing in society until few of them gather the courage to stand for themselves and fight against such rapists and decide to do justice for themselves. Movie is yet to be released on 20th august only on zee5.

200 Halla Ho Review

200 Halla Ho Highlights

Film name

200- halla ho

Release date

20th august


Crime, thriller drama

Starring Actors

Barun sobti, Rinku rajguru, Amol parekar, saloni batra

Platforms to be released on


Directed by

Sarthak dasgupta

200 Halla Ho Overview

When a women is raped, along with her body, her soul, her character, her life is also being raped by the rapist. This film talks boldly about such heinous crime which continued to target girls of dalit families and made their life miserable. In this film, Sahil Khattar who is portraying the role of criminal and serial killer, was attacked openly by 200 women in court for his mishappening and acts of rape, brutal sexuality agianst women since ages. 

This women was lead by a young dalit girl played by Rinku Rajguru, who decides to stand up against such criminal and take justice in her own hands by punishing him openly in front of public, media and hon'ble court. It indicates that if a woman decides to stand up for herself it doesn’t matter to whom is she standing against, she is intended to make that culprit suffer by making all ends meet with her strength, confidence and self belief to protect herself from such crimes.

Amol Parekar is seen playing as a justice who is trying to balance the law from both the sides and is seen as a supporter of justice as well. Film focuses on the atrocities and loopholes of our judicial system due to which often such criminals move freely from the court. The ideology, suffering and pain of those girls and their families make them so strong that they openly harass their rapist and kill him. 

Women when alone are weak, but when they come together, no power can uphold them. This movie has shown the struggle of those dalit girls to get justice for the criminal activities caused to them by that serial killer and then punishing him themselves when law failed to do so within reasonable time. Barun Sobti is seen as the defense counsel for those 200 strong and fearless ladies in the trailer. 

This movie has touched strings of judicial system which if remain untouched can cause more injustice to the victims of rape, molestation and sexual offences. 

200 HALLA HO only on zee5 from 20th august.

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