What you have missed in Episode 5 of Loki

The fifth episode of Loki picks off from the post credit scene of episode 4 that saw Loki waking up to see 4 other variants of Loki staring at him. The dimension or realm that he is present in is referred to as “The Void”, a place where all creatures end up after getting pruned. Loki is surprised to find himself alive and asks the other Lokis (Kid Loki, Classical Loki, Boastful Loki and Alligator Loki) about the place. Meanwhile back at the TVA Sylvie and Renslayer have temporarily agreed to an alliance and decide to hunt down whoever’s responsible for the creation of the TVA.

That is, until Renslayer decides to stab Sylvie in the back, causing her to prune herself and end up in The Void. At the Lokis’ hideout, the others tell protagonist Loki about “Alioth”, a giant cloud-like creature that consumes everything it comes into contact with. The Lokis managed to survive because, well, they were Lokis. Loki then proceeds to try to formulate a plan to kill Alioth, only to be met with mockery from the other four. Dejected, he decides to leave the hideout, but is encountered by numerous other Loki variants including one, President Loki. They immediately hold the Lokis hostage, excluding Boastful Loki; who as it turns out sold his 3 friends out in order to become the “king” of the void.

After a touching reunion, Sylvie tells Loki about her plan to enchant Alioth, something that she had tried in her previous encounter and had managed to see a glimpse into who the mastermind was. While the others decide to leave, and Mobius stating that he was going to “burn TVA to the ground”, Loki decides to stay with Sylvie and help her. The episode ends with Loki and Sylvie standing together in front of a long road that leads to a castle-type building, thus setting up the next episode. 

This was a really great episode, and did an excellent job of carrying the story further; as well as giving all of us some much needed answers. One of the highlights, was certainly seeing the fan favorite Mobius coming back, after being pruned by Renslayer in episode 4. The episode also showed some great scenes involving Sylvie and Loki, highlighting their some-what complicated relationship in a great manner. There were also a bunch of easter eggs that were only noticeable by die-hard Marvel fans.

Journey Into Mystery

The episode's title, “Journey Into Mystery” is a reference to the comic series that saw Thor and Loki make their comic debuts way back in 1962.

QENG Enterprises

We also see something that resembles the Stark Tower in the void, or to be precise, the Avengers Tower. However what’s actually seen is the Qeng Tower.This version of the Avengers Tower was owned by Qeng Enterprises. Tony Stark had to sell the tower due to being bankrupt in the comics at one point. Qeng Enterprises was run by "Mister Gryphon," who would turn out to be one of Marvel’s major villains, Kang. 


Speaking of Kang, Alioth is none other than Kang the Conqueror's rival, who was accidentally set free by Ravonna Renslayer in the comics.


Another of Marvel’s infamous quips, the Thanoscopter’s wreckage is seen as the Lokis make their way to their hideout. The thanoscopter was used by the mad titan himself in an attempt to get the cosmic cube in a 1970’s comic.


We see Mjolnir, Thor’s famous hammer that was shattered by Hela in Ragnarok make a return to the screen. 


Along with this, we see a frog in a thor costume jumping around in a jar. This is none other than Throg. In the comics, Simon Walterson is turned into a frog and gets a miniature version of Mjolnir. This turned him into the Frog of Thunder.

President Loki

President Loki, is also a clever easter egg that references the Vote Loki storyline of 2016, that was an attempt to mock the presidential elections at the time. 

Yellow Jacket's Helmet

We see a split second visual of another Marvel’s villains. This time, The YellowJacket, who last appeared in Ant-Man; and was shrunk down. What’s interesting is the fact that Yellowjacket betrays the Avengers to Immortus, a version of Kang, and the Time-Keepers in the comics, thus tying throwing another clever reference.

The Living Tribunal Head

A very important scene where we see one of the heads of the living tribunal. The Living Tribunal confers its decisions between each of its three heads, presiding over the existence of the multiverse itself and handing out judgments in consultation with himself. References to this particular character may mean something significant.

S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

A damaged and broken helicarrier used by S.H.I.E.L.D is also visible in the void. The helicarriers were famously used in the Avengers franchise.

Last Episode of Loki is going to be premiered on Wednesday 14 July, 2021 at 12:30 PM at Disney Plus Hotstar. 

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