What If ....? - Trailer Out, What To Expect

What If ....?

Marvel has recently released the trailer to one of its most awaited series of the year, What If…? And fans have been going crazy ever since. The trailer was what everyone expected, yet it managed to blow the minds off the fans. So what exactly is the series about? As the name implies, it does exactly what we think it would do. Answer some of the craziest questions regarding multiverses and the existence of different timelines. And it turns out some of the answers have us shook.

The trailer starts out with the scene that quite literally symbolises the starting of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark getting attacked while on his fated trip to Afghanistan. However, there is one slight change, Stark is saved by none other than.. Killmonger? The very next scene shows The Ancient One talking about the interchangeability of time, and we see a still of the Avengers’ battle in New York. But then the scene changes to The Guardians Of The Galaxy in the same situation. As you must have been aware by now, the series is all about the existence of parallel realities.

What If ....? Tchalla and drax

T’Challa (normally known as Black Panther) is introduced as Starlord, and Peggy Carter puts on the costume of Captain America and thus becomes Captain Carter. These are just two of the numerous possibilities shown in the near two and a half minutes long trailer.And it only gets crazier moving on. The series addresses the wildest of possibilities. “Enter the multiverse of infinite possibilities”, it says. And it could not be any more true. As mentioned before, Peggy Carter becomes Captain Carter, with a slight twist. Instead of having the Stars and Stripes on her shield, she is shown to have the Union Jack of the British on it. Some of the most popular characters have received drastic changes; in addition to Carter and T’Challa; we also see Dr. Strange and Peggy Carter cross paths in the trailer. Something which has not yet taken place in the Marvel cinematic Universe, nor have they ever shown any possibility of it happening, Yet another testament to the “infinite possibilities” statement.

captain carter

The trailer also showed us a glimpse of how it would be if two of the most famous characters turned into flesh eating zombies. Captain America and Iron are shown to have become zombies, although the reason why can only be known upon watching the series. The trailer also showed us some fan favorite characters such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Loki, Black Widow and Thor, to name a few. We see the unlikely yet hilarious interactions between T’Challa and Yondu, T’Challa and Drax, and also what appeared to be Scott Lang (Ant-Man) with his head inside a glass container. Coming back to Peggy Carter, we see her having a conversation with Dr. Strange. Strange appears to be some kind of villain here, and this possibility certainly makes the fans excited. The potential that Strange has as a villain is immense. However, both Carter and Strange existed in completely different eras, and getting to know how they happen to meet would also be a part of the series. 

zombie iron man

T’Challa is shown to be Star-Lord, whereas is actually Peter Quill who takes on the mantle of the character in both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wakanda is considered to be one of the most well-hidden countries in the world, with only a chosen few having access to visit. The trailer also shows the Wakandan army in space, going up against aliens of sorts. General Okoye is shown fighting the chosen one while Shuri fights Wanda. Why this happens and how Yondu got to T’Challa remain mysteries. There will be many more alternate realities that are going to be explored by What if….?, and it is certain that each one will be a different take on some of the famous storylines in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comics. To sum it up, “What If...?” will focus on untold stories in which the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe experience different fates and storylines than they normally faced. 

The series will be released on Disney+hotstar and will be available for streaming August 11th onwards. Do tell us how much you are excited for this upcoming series from marvel. 

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