What If...? Trailer 2 Released: Breaking Down - Teams and Zombies

Marvel has recently released the second trailer to the eagerly awaited What If…? Series, that will answer some of the craziest questions regarding multiverses and the existence of different timelines. There will be many alternate realities that are going to be explored, and it is certain that each one will be a different take on some of the famous storylines in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comics. To sum it up, “What If...?” will focus on untold stories in which the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe experience different fates and storylines than they normally faced. The series will be released on Disney+hotstar and will be available for streaming August 11th onwards.

The 1st trailer saw some pretty interesting scenarios being played out. We had Peggy Carter with the super soldier serum, an interaction between Tony Stark and Killmonger, T’Challa as Starlord and also Dr. Strange conversing with Captain Carter ( the name assumed by Peggy Carter after being injected with the super soldier serum), to name a few. The second trailer, however, took it one step further and gave us even more details as to what the series has in store for us. Read on to know more.

howard stark in what if


The latest trailer has teased an undead Captain America and some rather unexpected team-ups. "You know the stories, but what if one thing changes everything?" is the very first thing that you hear when the trailer starts. It offers a glimpse of several of the episodes, including one where we see Captain America falling being infected by a flesh-eating virus in an instalment based on the Marvel Zombies comics. This zombified version of the popular superhero is seen fighting Bucky Barnes, who has seemingly missed getting infected. The virus turns the infected person into depraved undead hordes, craving flesh and willing to kill anyone or anything in the way of their hunger. And from the looks of it, neither heroes nor the villains are safe from it. Other episodes will feature unusual team-ups of MCU characters, including T'Challa joining up with Yondu and the Ravagers. This team-up was also in the first trailer, we saw T'Challa fighting against aliens along with the Guardians.

Speaking of unusual team-ups, we also see more interactions between Tony Stark and Killmonger (the Black Panther villain) in what appears to be a friendly banter. Disney has since previously revealed that Killmonger will be having a heroic arc in Marvel's What If...? when he comes to Tony Stark's rescue during the events of 2008's Iron Man. Again, this was also shown in the first trailer when Killmonger saves Tony from the infamous attack in Afghanistan right at the very beginning. However, Tony isn't the only new ally Killmonger makes, as the new trailer also shows him joining up with mortal enemy T-Challa's younger sister Shuri. "It appears we have a common enemy," Shuri admits, with Killmonger boasting: "I guess I'll have to freestyle then!" . We also get a scene featuring S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury, and one with Dr. Strange and the Ancient One. Interestingly, we see Captain Carter fighting a tentacled monster, who we now know to be Shuma Gorath. Shuma Gorath is set to make his MCU debut in DR. Strange : into the Multiverse of Madness as the main villain. Shuma-Gorath was one of the great old ones; ancient beings predating Earth and even, in some instances, the universe itself. In the comics, He is responsible for the death of Strange’s mentor, the Ancient One, who dies while battling him. As mentioned before, other episodes will feature Agent Peggy Carter of SHIELD becoming Captain Carter by taking the supersoldier serum to battle HYDRA and the return of villain Ulysses Klaue.

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