Shang Chi could bring Iron Fist in MCU

Set to release on September 3rd this year, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings may introduce one of Marvel’s popular heroes to the MCU. The trailer of the movie saw one of its characters facing off with someone sporting the colours of green and yellow. To anyone who has been following the comics closely, it is easy to guess who this colour scheme could possibly belong to. 

iron fist in shang chi movie

The movie may serve to introduce Iron Fist to the MCU, as claimed by one of the film’s cast Michelle Yeoh. Here’s what she had to say,

“We are so happy that we are having our first Asian superhero. And not just superhero but superheroines around him as well, and I am a guardian of a mythical city. These young people come in and they have to learn how to protect history, and to protect not just this world but the worlds that are around us from the demons that are locked away. So it’s magic, it’s reality, so many things happening and it’s a lot of fun.”


The movie follows Shang-Chi, the son of the legendary literary villain Fu Manchu. Learning the truth about his dad’s business, he uses his martial arts prowess against his father. The Ten Rings is a crime league present across the world, but owing allegiance to no country in particular. If you noticed properly, the Ten Rings were actually introduced briefly in Iron Man, but were never really fleshed out properly.

Michelle Yeoh plays the role of Jiang Nan, an ally and Mentor of Shang- Chi. She is also the guardian of a mystical city. The mystical city referred to here could possibly be K’un-Lun. Why this city in particular? K’un-Lun is located in a pocket dimension, and isone of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. This mystical city lies in the K'un-Lun Mountains, one of the longest mountain chains in Asia, extending more than 3,000 km. The gate to K'un-Lun can only be accessed once every 10 years. And the person who guards the gate to this city is none other Iron Fist. The Iron Fist serves as the guardian of the gate and thus, the protector of K'un-Lun. He is also the Destroyer of the Hand, the organisation formed by Heretics that were banned from the city long ago.


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As a young boy, Wendell Rand happened to stumble upon the mystical city of K'un-L'un. During his time there, he saved the life of the city's ruler, Lord Tuan, thus getting adopted as his son. Wendell eventually left K'un-L'un and became a wealthy entrepreneur in the United States, marrying socialite Heather Duncan and having a child, Danny Rand.

Wendell later organizes an expedition to again seek out K'un-L'un, taking his wife Heather, his business partner Harold Meachum and Danny. During the journey, Danny slips off the path, pulling his mother and father with him as well. Meachum, who also happened to be in love with Heather, forces Wendell to plunge to his death but offers to rescue Heather and Danny. She rejects his help. Heather and Danny then come across a bridge that appears out of nowhere and are attacked by a pack of wolves. Heather sacrifices herself to the wolves in an attempt to save Danny. Archers from K'un-L'un attempt to save her, but to no avail as she ends up dying. The archers then take the grieving Danny to see Yu-Ti, ruler of K'un-L'un. Upon Danny expressing his desire for vengeance, Yü-Ti takes him to become the apprentice of Lei Kung the Thunderer, who teaches him martial arts.

Danny eventually proves to be the most gifted of Lei Kung's students. At 19, he is given the chance to attain the power of the Iron Fist by fighting and defeating the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, guarding the molten heart that had been torn from its body. Coming to the conclusion that the heart provides life energy to Shou-Lao through the dragon-shaped scar on its chest, Danny covers the scar with his own body and hangs on until Shou-Lao collapses and dies. In doing so, Danny gets a dragon brand burnt into his own chest. He then enters its cave and plunges his fists into a brazier containing the creature's molten heart, emerging with the power of the Iron Fist. It turns out that Danny was actually a part of a long lineage of Iron Fists.


The Iron Fist series created by Scott Buck is set in the MCU, in the same timeline as the other films of the franchise and is the fourth in a series of shows that led to The Defenders crossover miniseries. 

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