Pixar Released Trailer for its upcoming Film "Turning Red"

Pixers turning red is an upcoming animated movie whose trailer has been unveiled recently by its makers on various social handles such as Youtube, Twitter etc.

turning red film release date

It's a directorial debut of Domiee Shi who is all set to give this animated movie a theatrical release in 2022. Date is yet to be announced. This Animated movie is a presentation of Disney.

Check Out Trailer 

In the trailer it can be seen that a 13 year girl Mie is escaping from her over protective mother, while in the escapism she turns into a gigantic panda, bearing soft skin and red in colour running aimlessly on the streets of Canada.

On one hand it has shown the problem of a kid to understand her maths problem while on the other hand trying to run from the grasp of her overlooking mom. 

The trailer of this animated series is of 2 minutes 12 seconds featuring expressions indicating the confusion and mess, 13 year old found herself in on turning into a red panda. It contains comedy, emotions of a mother to look after her daughter and above all the sudden change of a 7 year old girl from girl to a giant red panda.

Film is set to release in 2022. Those who are looking for animated stuff with comedy, emotions, drama, along with being a Disney fan this is the sure short solution.

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