Peggy Carter might have role in Dr. Strange 2

Dr. Strange in The Multiverse of Madness is set to release on March 25th, 2022, and is one of the major projects announced as a part of Phase four of the MCU. The film will directly pick up after the events of WandaVision, Loki, and Spider-Man No Way Home. In addition, it is also said to be Marvel’s first venture into the horror genre, with Elizabeth Olsen returning to reprise her role as Scarlet Witch. The movie will see Benedict Cumberbatch returning as the titular Dr Stephen Strange, along with Rachel McAdams and others. The sequel will reportedly explore the Multiverse that was unleashed in the finale of the Loki series, with the Spider-Man sequel also playing a part in setting up the events.

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The movie will serve to introduce Shuma Gorath, one of Marvel’s major villains to the MCU.  Shuma-Gorath was one of the great old ones; ancient beings predating Earth and even, in some instances, the universe itself. In the comics, he is responsible for the death of Strange’s mentor, the Ancient One, who dies while battling him. What’s interesting about this is that Shuma Gorath will probably be featured in another Phase 4 project, the What If…? Series set to premiere on August 11th, 2021. In the trailer to the series, we see Shuma Gorath fighting Peggy Carter, who has been injected with the super soldier serum and is known as Captain Carter.


The What if…? Series  will answer some of the craziest questions regarding multiverses and the existence of different timelines. It will explore alternate realities that could be possible as a result of the branching of the sacred timeline in the LOKI finale. To sum it up, “What If...?” will focus on untold stories in which the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe experience different fates and storylines than they normally faced. We see some fan favorite characters such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Loki, Black Widow and Thor making their appearances in the trailer. Although in different scenarios. For example, we see T’Challa introduced as Starlord, an interaction between Killmonger and Tony Stark, and also Captain America and Iron Man as zombies. All this surely has some ties with the multiverse and the theory of infinite possibilities, something that will surely be explored in the Dr. Strange movie.

As mentioned before, the trailer to the series featured Peggy Carter as taking on Shuma Gorath. With this, a new rumour has started to surface about her involvement in Dr. Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. The DisInsider Show's co-Host Derek Cornell was the one responsible for this, during the "Rumor of the Week" segment stating that Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter, the alternate reality version of Peggy Carter debuting in animated form in What If...?, will make an appearance in 2022's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Cornell went on to say that, if the rumor is true, Hayley Atwell will have a "live-action" role with a "small" part in the film. Captain Carter will appear in the premiere episode of the What If…..? series and will most probably be featured for a major part of it as well. Although we do not know yet as to when Shuma Gorath makes his appearance, there is another important interaction linked to the Dr. Strange sequel that could play out in a big way. 

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In the trailer, we also see Dr. Strange and Peggy Carter. Something which has not yet taken place in the Marvel cinematic Universe, nor have they ever shown any possibility of it happening. What’s more, Strange appears to be some kind of villain here, probably owing to a version of him from the multiverse. Although the trailer only shows a brief interaction between the two, it is likely that Shuma Gorath will be involved in some way or the other. As a result, assuming that Captain Carter could make an appearance in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is not a very far fetched conclusion to arrive at.

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