Lucifer season 6: Release Date (Announced), Episodes Name, Cast, Plot

Lucifer is a crime fantasy drama series on Netflix starring Tom Ellis as the protagonist Lucifer. With five seasons available online right now, the team recently announced the final season to be released on September 10.

Using its official Twitter handle, the Netflix Geeked account tweeted the news regarding season 6 by saying that even bad things must come to an end and shared a teaser and a few clips from the season.

Check out the teaser here

Details about Lucifer Season 6

Expected cast: Tom Ellis, Rachael Harris, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia, Tricia Helfer, Scarlett Estevez and Kevin Alejandro

Producer :Jerry Bruckheimer Television, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Television.

Showrunner: Joe Henderson, IIdy Morovich.

Release date: september 10, 2021

Episodes: 10

Where to watch: Netflix

Lucifer Season 6 List of episodes:

Number of episode

Name of the Episode


Nothing Ever Changes Around Here


Buckets Of Baggage


Yabba Dabba Do Me


Pin The Tail On The Baddie


The Murder Of Lucifer Morningstar


A Lot Dirtier Than That


My Best Fiend


This will Be A Bottle Episode


Goodbye Lucifer


Partners till the end

Lucifer Season 6 Synopsis:

Lucifer is a crime fantasy where the God of hell, Lucifer Morningstar, leaves hell for Los Angeles. There he starts a nightclub, LUX, and joins hands with the detective Chloe Decker to consult with the LA police department.

Originally season 5 was thought to be the finale and that is the reason why it was released in two parts. Season 6 was not intended to happen, but the rumors regarding its airing continued to spread, and the team soon decided to come up with one more season and confirmed that there is no season 7. Even though the number of episodes was 16, they narrowed it down to 10 to give a perfect closure to all the characters. That suggests that this season would be a more character-oriented one and focuses on every character in depth. The public is eager to know what is in the bag for every role, especially Chloe, since she is not a detective anymore. A word is that she discovers all the sacrifices Lucifer had made.

Throughout the fifth season, we see Lucifer going through many changes, and he even extenuates his banishment from Heaven.

In the teaser released by the team, there were clips from the previous seasons, and in the end, he gets pulled over while drunk driving and apologises to the officer, saying that that is his last night in LA.

Although the teaser had nothing much to offer, the showrunner Joe Henderson hopes that there is so much to explore even when you think you are done and you've become the person you have been trying to become. So, let's all hope that the beloved show wraps up in a pleasing yet convincing manner.

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