Loki Director Kate Herron on Miss Minutes, Jonathan Majors and Future Projects

The season finale of LOKI set up the fate of the MCU for the next couple of years. The episode saw Loki and Sylvie finally come face to face with He Who Remains, the man responsible for the creation of the TVA and everything that happened to them both thus far in the series. The episode ends with the sacred timeline branching out repeatedly and Sylvie fulfilling her lifelong goal of putting away whoever was responsible for her life going wrong; that is, she kills He Who Remains. This causes the branching of the sacred timeline and with it, the unleashing of the multiverse. 

We also got to see Jonathan Majors, set to play Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, revealed as He Who Remains. In addition to this, the second season of LOKI was confirmed during the mid-credit scenes. Here’s what Kate Herron of Sex Education fame and the director of Loki had to say regarding the finale and her future in the MCU.

Miss Minutes in the Season Finale

The episode featured Miss minutes, voiced by Tara Strong appearing before Loki and Sylvie as they make their way into the citadel at the end of time, in what was quite an unexpected jumpscare. But according to director Kate Herron, it was in the plan all along. She says,

“I love horror, and my executive, Kevin Wright, knew that. Me and him were talking about Episode Six and I remember that he was like, "Oh, maybe you could do something creepy of Miss Minutes." And I immediately was like, "We have to do a jump scare!" Because I haven't got to do a good jump scare in anything yet and I really wanted to, because a lot of my friends are horror directors. I was like, "I can't let them down." So I was really excited to have a shot at doing a jump scare. And Miss Minutes, it was really fun testing it because we'd kind of bring different people into the edit, me and Emma McCleave, the editor, and we'd just play it for them, watch them, and check that they were jumping when we cut it.”

The Cliffhanger Finale

The finale ended in a cliffhanger of sorts, Sylvie pushes Loki through a time portal and into the TVA. She then proceeds to kill He Who Remains, thus unleashing the multiverse. Back at the TVA, we see Loki trying to explain to Mobius and Hunter B15 everything that happened back at the void, but they don’t even recognize him. Turns out, this is a completely different TVA in another timeline itself. The episode ends with a shot at Loki staring at a statue of He Who Remains instead of the Timekeepers, coming to terms with the reality he’s in.

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To make this clear to the viewers, Herron stated that she gave viewers signs that Loki was in a different timeline by redressing sets to seem a little odd and recasting the TVA receptionist Casey as a hunter heading to the citadel in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. 

On Casting Jonathan Majors

Herron said that she and head writer Michael Waldron always intended from the start that LOKI would always end with Loki and Sylvie confronting He Who Remains at his citadel, with the end result being the creation of the multiverse.

When they confirmed Jonathan Majors’ addition to the cast, it was imperative that he’d have to play He Who Remains, claims Herron.

Loki Season 2

As to the second season, Herron has quite a bit of ideas that she would like to see play out in the future. Like the answer to where Judge Ravonna Renslayer goes after her conversation with Mobius in the finale. Or exploring more of Hunter B-15’s backstory — those that she decided to hide in the scene when Sylvie shows her memories as a variant.

And most importantly, Herron wants the series to further establish the relationship between Loki and Sylvie. This was done beautifully in episode 5, but came to a somewhat rough halt in the finale.

Will She be Returning For Season 2

When asked if she would be returning for the second season, Herron said that she has decided not to. She explained, "I gave it all – my soul, my emotions, everything." "I'm quite proud of the work we've accomplished. And, yes, as a fan, I'll be watching Season 2."

She further added that she's content to take a break and then get back to work on a project she's developing for herself, one that is "very important to my heart and that I really want to make."

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