How to claim Boat Warranty?

A manufacturer warranty is included with all boAt devices and accessories purchased through authorised channels and dealers.

Please file a complaint at for warranty servicing on covered problems throughout the warranty term. Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. will provide warranty support for all Boat goods sold in India.

The importer of record in India is Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd., which is responsible for repairing or replacing items within the warranty term. Customers can send warranty-related questions to

All warranty claims, replacements, and colour preferences are subject to the ultimate judgement of the boAt customer care staff.Depending on stock availability, the firm may substitute a similar new or reconditioned product in the same colour.

boAt Warranty Registration:

You'll start by going to the boat lifestyle audio Support Page. After that, select register a complaint. You'll be sent to a new window where you can choose your Product Group based on your boat device, such as headphones, earbuds, and other boat accessories.

After that, you'll input your Pin Code and press the submit button. Following the submission of these details, you have two options.

The first option is to see whether your Pin Code has any boat servicing centres. Then a mobile number window will appear on the screen, and you will enter your phone number.

Following that, you will receive an SMS on your phone with information about the nearest boat service centre near that Pincode location.

Another option is that if there isn't a boat service facility near your Pincode, in that situation a new Complaint Registration page window will appear.

You must first obtain your invoice receipt from Amazon, Flipkart, or other online shops' order area before continuing. Because this page requires you to upload that invoice. You'll also need to enter the purchase date.

You will fill out all of the required information on the Complaint Registration page.Your complete name, email address, phone number, and shipping and pickup addresses. From the dropdown menu, you may choose. Put the purchase date on your product invoice and upload it. Select I agree to the Terms & Conditions after that.

After that, complete the captcha and press the submit button.

You will be given a tracking number after your application has been submitted. The entire procedure takes about 15 to 20 days. The firm will replace the product if the problem is not resolved.

boAt Warranty Status:

If you wish to verify the status of your product's boat warranty. Then you may go to the website for boat support. Because once you've filled out the complaint registration form,a ticket number will be assigned to you. You can check the warranty status of the boat's headphones by using this ticket number.

After that, click on the check status of the warranty ticket and enter your ticket number.Then hit the submit button and you will get updates on your product's warranty status.

boAt Warranty Guidelines:

  • The boAt warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser of boAt goods.
  • Warranty services are restricted to product repair or replacement, depending on the product type, and are at boAt's exclusive discretion.
  • Customers can only use boAt's warranty services if they show a valid proof of purchase.
  • Customers may submit a warranty service request on the boAt support page in a variety of ways, depending on their pincodes. The modalities of service provided to customers are entirely at the discretion of boAt.
  • The boAt warranty covers only manufacturing defects in the product's materials and workmanship. This guarantee applies when the product is used under normal conditions as specified in the handbook and for the intended purpose.
  • The warranty coverage of boAt shall be restricted to providing repairs and remedies to the stated issue. If a replacement is required, it will be delivered with a device that performs similarly to the original, with or without packaging and accessories.
  • Any claim or compensation for annoyance, loss of time, loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, loss of data, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, any personal and/or commercial loss, compensation for mental anguish, anxiety, or other similar losses is not covered by boAt.
  • boAt will make every attempt to repair or replace its customers' items as soon as possible; but, in the event of uncontrolled circumstances, we are under no duty to do so within a specific time frame.

boAt Warranty is not applicable for the following instances:

  • If the boAt product is not used/handled according to the instructions included with the product at the time of purchase, the warranty will be voided.
  • If the warranty period for the boAt goods provided for warranty assistance is longer than the warranty period shown above from the date of purchase on the proof of purchase. Support services for specific product categories will be provided on a fee-for-service basis as out-of-warranty instances.
  • If the product is damaged as a result of customer abuse, unauthorised repairs, misuse, product attack or damage by house pests, pets, or rodents, accidental or incidental damage, liquid spillage of any kind on the device, device exposed to extreme temperatures, atmospheric conditions, water logging in the product, or non-specified charger usage, any type of wire breaking or cutting, inappropriate or irresponsible use, and faults caused by uncontrollable factors such as lightning, aberrant voltage, or acts of God
  • Any faults with appearance, colour, deliberate physical damage, low sound quality owing to dust and dirt collection, and deterioration of aesthetic components due to normal wear and tear and usage.
  • boAt goods acquired from unlicensed merchants and unlicensed sales methods.
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