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Grahan aired on hotstar vip on 24 June, 2021. All episodes were featured together. It is based on a novel written by Vyas with its own modification done by the director while presenting it on screen. It has been given a cover of today’s era with political, professional and personal relationships entangled with each other. 

Grahan (2021) Highlights

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Hotstar VIP

Release Date

June 24, 2021

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Directed By 

Shailendra Jha

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Grahan Trailer 

Grahan (2021) Cast


Character Name

Pavan Malhotra

Gursevak Singh

Zoya Hussain

IPS Officer Amrita Singh

Anshumaan Pushkar

Younger Rishi

Grahan (2021) Review

It was released on 24th june with different episodes having different story in each episode giving turn to a plot going on the screen. 

The emotional investigative drama with 1984 riots in the backdrop is a gripping watch. It depicts the horror, pain and suffering of violence as it effortlessly switches between two timelines. 

Inspired by Satya Vyas' novel Chaurasi, the series is directed by Shailendra Kumar Jha. 

The reality meets-fiction story is divided between 2 era’s - Ranchi 2016 and Bokaro 1984. Occasions paving the way to and following the death of the then Prime Minister on 31 October, 1984 incited riots in the steel plant town. The central provoker or the main person who was planning such evil riots were was the steel plant chief. The horrifying attacks and brutality faced by Sikhs at that time are yet being felt in 2016.

In the current course of events, an upstanding and committed cop, Amrita Singh (Zoya Hussain) is given a charge of a SIT (Special Investigative Team) entrusted with rethinking the mobs in Bokaro in 1984. Her desperation to dig the truth makes it eye catchy as it shows that how one can be guided by her own self conscious for her duty and her nation to serve. 

 Decisions are drawing nearer and the sitting Home Minister needs to embroil his archrival Sanjay 'Chunnu' Singh (Teekam Joshi), recent Bokaro steel plant director.

Along with the procedural policy and the investigative mode of Amrita singh, a romantic relationship is shown between her and Karthik her beau working for Canada police, who often keeps visiting her to meet her. The understanding between the couple is an example for todays couple because mostly relationships fail because of lack of understanding.

The story has one liners and words which will leave a long lasting impact on viewers because anything watched fictionally leaves an impact. It aims at changing the mind of audience about ongoing political conditions in a country, mid of which politicians try to use such situations for their own vote bank. 

The thorough story, coordinated by Ranjan Chandel, mixes the police procedural and legislative issues with Amrita Singh's anxiety in regards to truth and character – both hers and her father's, and obligation to her identification. The communication between the two and the game of concealing facts turns serious as we move down the lane of further episodes. . 

The creation plan and projecting, use of words and tone fits flawlessly which recognize the two timetables, and entertainers Joshi, Hussain, Malhotra, Pushkar and Abhinav Pateriya (as Rishi's companion Jhandu), specifically, venture with their characters consistently and earnestly, though once in a while in a real sense. 

The concealing, mysterious yet transparent content and well performed scenes (every one is more than 50 minutes) strengthen the screenplay's effort to pass on contrasting points of view on similar occurrence and events of what happened in 1984.

It covers the track of 1984 incidents which are not often talked about. How the relationship between Sikhs and Hindus witnessed an ugly phase because of the assassination of Then Prime Minister by her Sikh bodyguards. 

Whole series contains 8 episodes with a running length of 45-50 minutes (each) centralised on one topic which give rise to situations showing on screen and further continued in next episode.

Grahan Episode Names and Run Time

Episode Name

Run Time


50 min

Yunhi Prem Aaega

50 min

Saath ya khilaaf

45 min


45 min


47 min

Ardh satya

41 min


42 min

Ek deewana thaa

52 min

For those who keeps on searching for a motive to work or for motivation to be deadly serious about their job Grahan is a must watch because Amrita’s undying dedication for her duty and to serve her nation inspite of her father’s involvement in the case she was working for is worth applauding. 

From the last episode it is not assumed that Next season is awaited, but if it comes it will be a treat for the Grahan fans to watch.

Article is contributed by Tanya

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