Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Review, Cast, Synopsis

Collar bomb is a Bollywood action thriller starring Jimmy Sheirgill in the lead role as a cop who tries to rescue a school of innocent children from an attack of a suicide bomber who forces him to face the consequences of his past actions. The entire movie takes place in a beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh, Sanawar.

Plot synopsis

Manoj Kumar Hesi(Jimmy Sheirgill) joins as a returning Station house officer in a blissful hill station of Sanawar. He gets ready to admit his son Akshay in a noble residential school, st. George. The school, which happens to be mourning an old student Neha Potkar, died in a tragic case( lead by Manoj Kumar) that shattered the town a year ago. While still coping with his dubious past, Manoj is hit by another frightening scenario when a young man Shoeb Ali walks into the school with a bomb around his neck. This scenario leads to agitation among the students and parents.

When Manoj gets deeper into the case, he learns that the suicide bomber Shoeb may not be solely involved in this attack, and there must be some mastermind manipulating him. As the police dash into the school, they confront someone with a genius mind with neither sense of morality nor humanity. Manoj then realizes that the mastermind has expressly framed him for his suspicious past, making him the perfect candidate and being made to commit despicable crimes. He soon turns from the respected cop of the town to a most wanted criminal. Despite being misjudged by society, Manoj decides to go rogue and works against the clock to save innocent kids. This mysterious terror attack will lead to a different end when the bomber gets disarmed, and officer Manoj gets convicted for the mistake he committed in the past in the case of Neha Potakar comes to light. This entire chain of events turns the calm hill station Sanawar into a horrific mirror for society when many shady incidents related to the case are left in the dark.

Lead cast

  • Jimmy Sheirgill as Manoj Kumar Hesi
  • Sparsh Srivastav as Shoeb Ali
  • Naman Jain as Akshay Hesi
  • Rajshri Deshpande as Rita
  • Asha Negi as ASI Sumitra Joshi

Collar Bomb Trailer

Highlights of the film

  • Performance of the cast: Every member of the cast played aptly to their role. The delivery of dialogues and especially the dialect used by Asha Negi are pretty good.
  • Cinematography: The quaint locations of the hamlet in Himachal Pradesh are pictured beautifully and will never fail to attract the audience irrespective of the story.
  • Duration: The entire length of the film is about 90 min which is relatively short compared to a regular movie. The duration of the film is an added advantage so that the film doesn't look weary.
  • Storyline: Entire story is based on a cop who races against the time to save a school from an attack by a suicide bomber. Though it seems to be a routine one, a few shady incidents from the past of the cop determine the fate of the attack. This storyline keeps the audience guessing throughout the development of events. 
  • Ending: although some may not like how it ended, this movie offers an ending different from what we usually expect.


The entire story is quite exciting and holds the audience captive till the end. The lead characters, especially Jimmy Shergill and Asha Negi, did a stellar performance on their part. The other characters, Sparsh Shrivastav as the suicide bomber Ali, Naman Jain as Akshay Hesi (Manoj's son), Rajshri Deshpande, and the rest of the cast gave a decent performance and lived up to their roles as per the demand.

When it comes to the storyline, the suicide bomber and the hostage situation becomes no longer the critical part of the film and gets lost as the suicide bomber makes Jimmy do ridiculous things. Though being a cop, the submissive nature of Jimmy's character will disappoint his fans, and that is not a role we would have imagined him in.

Even though the ending is quite different from a regular film, it fails to impress most audiences because of the poor direction. Most people can guess the person behind the attack by some obvious clues that are dropped carelessly here and there in the story. The hasty ending does not send its intended message, and the director could have made it more apparent. They could have used more time for the conclusion as the film duration is comparatively short.

Many scenes are devoid of logic, and many questions remain unanswered at the end, making the attack itself look silly in the first place. Even though the screenplay is fast-paced, a few scenes are pretty hard to grasp and lack clarity. This movie failed to rise to the standards set by films of similar genres. 

However, on the bright side, the cinematography is quite captivating, with scenic views of the hill station in Himachal Pradesh that soothes the audience from time to time from the ongoing crime. If you can ignore a few loopholes and a sloppy screenplay, the picturesque locations of the hill station, the lively action of the cast, the short duration of the film, and the unique storyline still make the movie worthwhile.

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