Boult Audio Q10: Price in India, Reviews, Specifications

Boult Audio launched Q10 TWS earbuds launched at Amazon on June 2, 2021. Boult Audio Q10 is priced at INR 1299. Q10 features invloves touch control to activate voice command for Siri and Google. There will be noise cancellation. Q10 total playback time on full charging will be 18 hours. With IPX5 rating these headphones are water resistant. They are available in two colors white and black. 

boult audio q10 price in india

Boult Audio Q10 Highlights


Boult Audio Q10


Rs 1299

Battery Life

18 hours

Water Resistance




Boult Audio Q10 Review 

To begin with, the AirBass Q10 features a design that is similar to that of most cheap earphones. It comes with a casing made of ABS plastic that is lightweight; the case and earphones together weigh around 45 grammes, while the earbuds alone weigh about 4 grammes.The charging case has a matte surface that makes it less scratch-prone, but it looks filmy and cheap. The case might have been of higher quality.


The LED lights on the earphones are red and blue, and the light on the charging case is likewise red and blue. The earphones are fairly small in size and provide excellent comfort. It fits your ears snugly and doesn't slip out easily during workouts or jogging because it contains in-ear buds. It also has an IPX5 certification, indicating that it can tolerate perspiration and mild rain.

Both earbuds have touch controls that let you play or stop music, skip to the next or previous song, activate voice assistant, and accept or reject incoming calls.


According to Boult Audio, the AirBass Q10 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has a connection range of about 10 metres.When you take your smartphone from the case, it immediately couples with it, and when you place it back on the charging case, it automatically disconnects.


The size of the drivers has not been revealed by the business, however I believe the AirBass Q10 features 6mm drivers. The total volume of sound is rather low. You will not receive an enthusiastic feeling from the sound quality, and it will be difficult to distinguish between audio notes. The bass sound is also quite low, and it might go unnoticed at times. The voice and treble sound quality is likewise lacking.

Battery Life

The Boult Audio claims up to 6 hours of battery life while listening at 70% level which is acceptable.The charging case's battery capacity is unknown, but the manufacturer promises 24 hours of total playback time with the charging case. The earphones take approximately an hour and a half to charge, and the case takes around two hours to charge from zero to 100 percent via the micro USB connector.

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